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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Its the most wonderful time of the YEAR :D

WOW where did the year go??
But, Christmas is upon us.. My most favorite time of the year.. Love it
The whole meaning of it from the wonderful Birth of my Lord and Savior, to the family gatherings, music & gift giving, I love every part of it :D
I pray that you have a wonderful Christmas and a Blessed New Year 2013 :D
Looking forward to 2013...
Here are a few shots from the beautiful Sarah who I have had the pleasure of photographing since she was a new born :D

See you all Next Year
Thank you so much to all my awesome clients for a wonderful year...

So cute she was singing 


Smelling the ornament lol :D

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Congratulations :D

One of the last few weddings on my calendar for 2012 and was blessed to work with such an awesome couple and there family..
Oh yes and I cant forget the amazing bridal party who were such great sports :D lololo
Congrats once again to Malory & Dylan the Lord Bless you guys and this new journey/chapter..
Here are just a few photos from the almost 3000 photos that I have yet to go through lololo :D
Yes I love my job because I am so BLESSED and THANKFUL to have such amazing clients..
Enjoy :D
Thank you Mr & Mrs. Voss for allowing me to take over your room :D LOL

In case no one knows TOMS are probably the brides favorite shoes.. She even found some you can have embroidered.. Love them Malory.. 

Getting ready party.. Mrs. Voss was such an awesome assistant holding the dress :D

Behind that dress the bride gets ready :D

Sealed with a KISS

Purple preset in honor of the brides favorite color LOL :D


You see the best bridal party for going along with everything I asked for  :D

The high kick.. I think this was our 3rd take.. But, we got it.. The brides brother was a great sport 

She's a Senior.. Class of 2013

Here are a few more photos of my beautiful daughter
She is such a blessing to us..
Your father & I are so very proud of you sweet <3
Keep going.
Dont forget to always keep your eyes on the Lord and He will always direct your path.. You will never go wrong if you do that..
Dont forget to always place Him first in your life and the gift He has given you to always use for His glory. When you give Him all of you He will bless you in return. His promises are true.. Hold on to Him..
I love you
(Thanks to my hubby for being my light stand and assistant for her session :D)

A smile that lights up the room :D

The apple of my eye <3 

Will always be daddies little girl..

My blue eyed beauty

I love you.. Always and forever

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Love my job

Had the pleasure of working with this lovely little girl and her parents..
She was shy maybe the first 5mins and that was it lol..
Such a ham and I loved every minute of it.. Very cooperative for being as young as she is. AMAZING to say the least. She was also great at putting up with the chilly weather we had that day and didn't
complain one bit.. I know her family will love these shots and the rest on the gallery..
What a GREAT referral from another wonderful client..
I am so blessed to be able to call what I do a job.. I thank the Lord..
At times I may stay up late getting things done but, hard work is so well worth it..
This session could not have been what it was without the help of my daughter..
Sweetheart if you read this THANK YOU so much for everything. Love you

Here is a quick teaser..
Hope you enjoy them.
Happy Fall :D My favorite season

Work it LOL :D too cute

I just love the way the sun hit her hair.. Beautiful

So sweet & innocent.. God bless the little people and keep them safe always

Having fun with leaves


Cutie :D

Saturday, August 18, 2012

My sweet <3 is a Senior :D Class of 2013
Im so proud of her.. Even though its both a happy and sad time I am so thankful for the young lady she has become..
God has blessed us with such a wonderful gift.. Thank you Lord
She is truly the apple of my eye.
I pray the Lord continues to use her in so many ways.
Sweet <3 if you ever read this I can't tell you enough how much I love you and how very proud of you I am. Keep going strong with the Lord's help. Never forget you are Blessed and Highly favored..
Here are a few of her Senior Portraits..
(I took these from my car window :D Saw the sun hitting her hair perfectly :D)
More to come soon..
Class of 2013

My beautiful daughter

My <3

My everything <3 :D

Monday, July 16, 2012

Had the wonderful pleasure of photographing this beautiful little girl since she was a newborn
Now at almost 2 she is such a joy :D
Thank you this time to my wonderful daughter for all her help :D
Couldn't have done it without her. She has such a way with little people they just follow her every step.. Its just too cute :D

Looking at us like were nuts making all the animal noises trying to make her smile LOL


Such an angel

Pointing her toe.. Trying to mimic Isabel LOL

Beautiful princess

Its been awhile

Its been awhile since I last posted..
Just enjoying summer.. Trying to get out as much as I could
Have been able to try a new sport last month and let me just tell you I LOVE IT thanks to my friend Kathy (SUP Sister)
Here are just a few photos taken with a small water proof camera
Enjoy :D <3

Beautiful day for some SUP
Just another relaxing day on the water

My "Uglies" (nickname for the 5 finger shoes LOL) and my SUP sister Kathy

This is the life.. Thank you Lord :D

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Had the wonderful pleasure of photographing these 2 cuties and enjoyed every moment of it.. 
Here are just a few samples. Thank you for stopping by..
First photographed his sister since she was a baby now I get to enjoy this little guy 

One of my favorite little models.. I have had the pleasure of photographing this wonderful little girl from 6mths old. She was so awesome as a little baby and still is as a young little lady. Thank you to her wonderful mother..
Love you guys 

While shooting this wonderful Swan shows up..